Mittwoch, 21. April 2010

Calypso Moon Artist Movement

"Fruity Kiss"

This is my sumission for the Calypso Moon Artist Movement by Alice Thompson. You should paint food which you like and now it's bad for you.  I am addicted to cakes and cookies and this little cake is called "Fruity Kiss" with cinnamon apples, a lot of fresh cream between shortcrust. The problem is that one of it isn't enough at all.

Dies ist mein Beitrag für Calypso Moon Artist Movement von Alice Thomspon. Man sollte Nahrungsmittel malen, die man mag, von denen man aber weiß, dass sie nicht gut für einen sind. Ich bin süchtig nach Kuchen und Keksen und dieser kleine Kuchen heißt "Fruity Kiss" und besteht aus Zimtäpfeln mit viel frischer Sahne zwischen leckerem Mürbeteig. Einer von diesen kleinen Kuchen ist nie genug, das ist das Problem.

15x15 cm / Öl auf Malplatte

And this happens if someone gives me a muffin for example (this one was a very, very delicious one with banana and raisins my gilf-friend brought along).

Und dies passiert, wenn man mir z.B. einen Muffin übergibt (dieses Exemplar war ein sehr leckeres mit Banane und Rosinen, das mir meine Freundin mitgebracht hat.)


Calypso Moon Artist Movement hat gesagt…

Nicole, Your composition breaks down to a circular object on a square format. Because the color and values have litle contrast there isn't much about your piece that creates movement visually. I see something very softly painted in the middle of a canvas that has a circular background. What is successful is your rendering of your scallop pattern around and within your object. Complex compositions are nothing more than the intersections of lines(straight and curved) that move in/on/off and around the surface. Ones brushwork/textures/colors can also effect how the composition is perceived. I haven't seen much of your work beyond this front page on your blog but I believe doing abstracts will quickly help you in building a stronger and more interesting composition.

Thank you again for your submission and participation, I look forward to seeing many more!

Alice Thompson hat gesagt…

Your fruity kiss looks delicious. I think your right about one not being enough.

Claire Beadon Carnell hat gesagt…

This looks so delicious, and so irresistible!!!

The Parent Trapped hat gesagt…

Nicole, I like the orange background that you only get a hint at seeing because the blue overlapping it. The blue runs your eye around the picture and matches the roundness of the pastry. There is not a lot of detail in the painting, but as I can see from your other paintings, that is the style in which you paint. What I like about the vagueness of it, is like reading a book versus watching the movie. You can fill in the details to match what the viewer interprets in the piece. As for me, before reading your description of the "fruity kiss", of which I have no experience, my thought was that it was a painting of a cracker with creamed cheese and maybe apple compote. I know about those things and by imagining the details, I could "taste" that cracker for myself. (Your fruity kiss sounds much more yummy, though!) I also like that the top pastry is slightly askew so as not to look too "perfect". Your painting has grown on me after looking at it over the past few days. I like it for it's subtly and understatement. I look forward to seeing your next entry!
Paula Reynolds

Sherry hat gesagt…

I have never had a fruity kiss, but from your description, I'd like to try one!

Earthula hat gesagt…

shortbread and whipping cream...MAN!
There are things in this challenge that are a challenge not to find and try!
I think the rendition of this confection is a pretty good indication of the 'bliss-out', which is always a soft edge moment in my imagingation, that this combination would induce.

Nicole hat gesagt…

Thanks to everyone for leaving a comment!
I had some problems with my 2 commentations belonging to the composition but it was a good exercise and I am happy for all your comments, stimulations and interesting views.
And yes, a "fruit kiss" is a very important thing. Nobody should leave this world without having tasted one, or two, or three, ..... ;-)

layers hat gesagt…

hello. thanks for visiting my blog.
I agree with you-- baked goods are my downfall-- I love bakeries-- I better not paint any of the pastries though or I might want to eat them.