Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

DSFDF - End Year Challenge - Portrait

This year portrait challenge for DSFDF by Karin Jurick.
It took a lot of hours to work on for me. I tried it in oil and gouache (but this doesn't work) and finally wish to have a better likeness. Often I thought "Oh God, what are you doing to this pretty woman". But I think it's not too bad because it's quite new for me to paint a portrait. Lots of problems and things to learn on the way. Some tricks to simplify, so I left of the glasses and gave her some contact lenses. ;-)

13x18 cm / Öl auf Malplatte

Here is the original photo by Nancy Bowron.

Very interesting are also the DSFDF Portrait Swaps from Karin Yurick on YouTube.
Have a look: Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4.


dominique eichi hat gesagt…

I love the soft feel it has for your portrait x-change of DSFDF.

L.Holm hat gesagt…

You did a great job with the portrait challenge! Wonderful skin tones.
Happy New Year!

Claire Beadon Carnell hat gesagt…

Very soft, and has an ethereal feel to it - quite lovely!!!

jill polsby hat gesagt…

I loved your portrait that you did for the Different Strokes Challenge. Good work!! I'd love it if you'd contact me regarding an idea I had regarding the portrait challenge. Jill Polsby in California

Carol Horzempa hat gesagt…

Your portrait turned out beautiful! You did a nice job on her skin tones. The soft handling of her hair is lovely. Great job!