Samstag, 13. Februar 2010


This year everything is white. For relaxing I like to take a walk through the snow covered fields.

Dieses Jahr ist alles weiß. Um mich zu entspannen gehe ich am liebsten in den Schnee bedeckten Feldern spazieren.

12x18 cm / Öl auf Malplatte


Caio Fernandes hat gesagt…

what is incredile is that your brain says white , but your eyes says colorful !!
the way you painted the snow is rich in details .
that is the reason i say that the memory lies . the brain fails .
a painter can just trust on his eyes ( or HER eyes , if is a pretty lady fron Deutchland ) .
lovely work .
you must to have had a lovely walk .
hugs !!

Nicole Horn-Fakher hat gesagt…

Hi Caio,
yes that's the way: Learning to see. And there is so much to learn and life is short! I wonder about: white is never white like black is never black, only on the highest or darkest spots. A real challenge.
Always nice to see you. :-)