Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

Stoppelfeld im Schnee


More snow.

Noch mehr Schnee.

12x18 cm / Öl auf Malplatte


Caio Fernandes hat gesagt…

and more beauty .
so delicated details . what a pleasure is to pass the eyes to this painting .... as a walk .
i lived , again , the choices you've made on this !

Lozzano hat gesagt…

Very interesting works. I like specially the painting titles "Tess", because her visual impact. Greetings.

Nicole Horn-Fakher hat gesagt…

Hi Caio,
I'm glad you like it. I love snow and that's one cause to try a landscape. Maybe I paint the same place in spring, sommer, etc. Haven't lots of nature around but this view is really nice.
See you!

Nicole Horn-Fakher hat gesagt…

Hi Lozzano,
thanks for your visit and becoming a follower. Yes Tess has her special character.
I will have a look on your blog soon.