Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

Wow! or: I love snail mail :-)

Yesterday I received a letter from the lovable Lynne and I am still overwhelmed with joy.

First I didn't try to open it because it looked so nice. But sure I was bursting with curiosity.

And look what was inside - the butterfly girl!

... and Chloe and the little ones, and two muslims for me to try out. (Sure I will do Lynne.) It's like having new housemates - very special ones - they bring positive vibrations to my home; soft and tender and with their own secret.

If you don't know Lynnes Blog by now have a look soon - she really has a rich world to offer.

And this Lynne is just for you and me - to celebrate yesterday ;-).


Caio Fern hat gesagt…

this is a really cool post .

i wish i had a bowl of that only for me too.

see you !

lynne h hat gesagt…

nicole - i have such a big smile that's it's practically moving off the sides of my face!

: ) : ) : )

love to you!

p.s. this cereal is delicious!

Toyin O. hat gesagt…

I like the bowl.